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2012 Oct 26, Add new Source

Fun Size

English  |  Comedy & Humor
A ludicrous to absurdity teen comedy released in 2012 by Paramount Pictures, Fun Size is revolving around a teenage girl Wren, who is in love with Roosevelt. He is older than Wren and very popular in their school as political debates superstar. Roosevelt invites Wren to Halloween party at his house exact that day when Wren’s mother asks her to watch all night after her little brother Albert. Wren of course much more worries more about her crush’s invitation than about her brother safety. In these circumstances she decides nothing better than to take her little brother to Halloween party in order to not miss the opportunity to be with Roosevelt. However this untoward decision leads to catastrophically developing consequences: the little Albert disappears in a crowd of trick-or-treaters. Wren with the help of her best friends Roosevelt, Peng and April tries their best to locate Albert before Wren’s mother learns what happened. This unfortunate foursome take a journey thru the Halloween night in pursuit to find Wren’s little brother, meeting some weird and odious personalities along their trip. Fun Size (2012) features some perfectly combined cast ensemble: Wren is played by Victoria Justice, a famous Fun Size from Victorious TV series, while Roosevelt is portrayed by Thomas Mann. You may know Thomas Mann as Thomas from Project X.
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