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2011 Jan 28, Add new Source

From Prada to Nada

English  |  Comedy & Humor
Jane Austen currently enjoys far greater success, and fans more willingly proclaim her greatness than ever in her lifetime. Witness her Facebook page boasting thousands of loyal fans. No one should feel surprised, therefore, movie derivatives of Austen’s stories are surefire hits. Clueless, adapted from and remarkably faithful to Austen’s Emma, remains a ‘tween favorite, and brilliantly produced Jane Austen period pieces remain in high demand on Netflix and pay-per-view. Set for widespread release in 2011, From Prada to Nada updates Sense and Sensibility, transposing it from dauntingly British to seductively Latina, and relocating it from the English countryside to East LA. Camilla Belle, Alexa Vega, and Adrianna Barraza star in the story of Beverly Hills socialites left penniless when their father suddenly dies. Equally traumatized by withdrawal from haute couture and their complete lack of Spanish-language proficiency, the two sisters navigate a treacherous passage from 90210 to Boyle Heights. Along the way, they learn to ride the bus, honor their Latin heritage, love their extended family, and appreciate los guapos romanticos. Of course, because it is Jane Austen, From Prada to Nada ends happily, but pack plenty of Kleenex for the cryworthy sweetness of it.
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