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2012 Mar 09, Add new Source

Friends With Kids

English  |  Comedy & Humor
It’s that time in life when everything seems to just “click”. Happily settling down and starting a family is what many dream of as being the ideal for their future. When all your friends are building their own nests and having children, buying that first home, getting the dream job, and thinking life just can’t get any better, you find yourself questioning what it’s all about. So you and the love of your life decide to go ahead and have that child but also keep an open relationship, in other words date other people even while feathering your own nest so to speak. The experimental lifestyle is funny and leads to plenty of interesting twists and turns in the relationship and makes their friends also question their own values. Starring as the main couple are Adam Scott (The Aviator, Monster-In-Law) as Jason and Jennifer Westfeldt (Grey’s Anatomy, Judging Amy) as Julie. Also starring are SNL cast member Kristen Wiig as Missy and her husband Ben is played by Jon Hamm (Space Cowboys, We Were Soldiers), Maya Rudolph (As Good As It Gets, Duets) is Leslie and her partner Alex is played by Chris O’Dowd (Dinner for Schmucks, Gulliver’s Travels).
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