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2012 Oct 05, Add new Source


English  |  Animation & Cartoons
Painted in black and white, the story of Frankenweenie began in 1984 when Tim Burton co-produced with Disney short animated film Frankenweenie. It was a funny story about the adventures of beloved dog, revived from the dead by young scientist Victor Frankenstein. In 2012 it is the time for big adventure of Frankenweenie. This time it is a full length animated film harnessed with the latest technology and modern cinematic art. The creation plan of this film was born back in 2005, but Tim’s timeline was totally filled up with the creation of the hilarious Alice in Wonderland, and Frankenweenie was postponed for an indefinite period of time. However, this did not prevent its creators to sharpen heart touching storyline, and even more: the modern CGI technology helped to create the Frankenweenie, as we saw him in 2012. Despite he is black and white - this dog is probably one of the most complex animated creatures in the history of animation. Tim Burton and his team had to bring the Swiss watchmakers to create sophisticated models of Frankenweenie: more than 200 animated dolls stuffed with tiny mechanisms. But as a result we have a cool animated storyline taking place in another one surreal universe created by Tim Burton. The film has turned to be exciting, touching and a bit naive. However, it is this naivety creates the special atmosphere, due to which even the idea of resurrection of the dog through the electricity with a needle and thread, seems to be completely normal and logical.
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