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2011 Oct 14, Add new Source


English  |  Music
Maybe the biggest roadblock to remaking such a venerable musical classic is found in the music. Updating those rock and roll classics with more modern day tunes will be risky. And those memorable characters are a challenge. Ren McCormack is now played by a young dancer named Kenny Wormald (from MTV’s Dancelife and Center Stage: Turn it up). And the beautiful Ariel Moore is now played by gorgeous Julianne Hough of Dancing With the Stars professional performer credit. Her father, the Reverend Shaw Moore is now portrayed by Dennis Quaid (Great Balls of Fire, Enemy Mine) and his wife, Vi is played by the beautiful Andie McDowell (Sex, Lies, and Video Tape, Four Weddings and a Funeral). This is an updated version that holds true to the original in almost every aspect, even the music. Songs like “Let’s Hear it for the Boy” have somewhat of a southern texture now that the film is set in Beaumont, Tennessee instead of Beaumont, Utah. The Chattahoochee River’s bridge is the scene for that memorable game of “chicken” between Ariel’s two love interests now that Ren has moved to town. Look for plenty of action and some great music.
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