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2012 Nov 02, Add new Source


English  |  Drama
When a commercial airline pilot, Whip (Denzel Washington) saves hundreds of lives it seems like his future looks bright and glorious. He managed to land an airplane with both engines damaged. Although the landing was very hard, Whip has showed a virtuoso level of superior flight skills and have saved 98 out of 106 lives on board. After preventing this catastrophe Whip may feel himself like a hero as well as all the Americans treat him; but following investigation set a long row of inconvenient questions that are making Whip’s perspectives looking not so bright. To tell the truth, his future seems like he has to be a prisoner who is serving the very long term in a jail rather than an American hero who is resting on its laurels. Furthermore, everything points on the fact that he knows why. Step by step, dialogue by dialogue, as we watch Flight, we learn more about this unfortunate flight and the night before it.
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