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2011 Aug 12, Add new Source

Final Destination 5

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The last of the final installments, Final Destination 5 is coming to theaters in 3-D. Written by Eric Heisserer (wrote the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street), directed by Steven Quale (directed True Lies, The Abyss), and a top cast this one will be a wild and scary sequel, particularly when viewed in 3-D. Final Destination 5 is the fifth time around for this successful film franchise and takes place 12 years after Flight 180 exploded. Sam Lawton played by Nicholas D’Agosto (Extreme Movie, Mardi Gras) had a premonition that a bridge would collapse as he was crossing it and would kill him and others, so when it actually happens Sam is able to save himself and some of the other’s only to find that the danger doesn’t end there. Sam and his girlfriend Molly played by Emma Bell (The Walking Dead, Ghost Whisperer) find that Death is after them and the other survivors of the bridge accident. Other cast members include Tony Todd, Courtney B. Vance, and Jacqueline MacInnes Wood.
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