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2013 May 24, Add new Source

Fast & Furious 6

English  |  Action & Adventure
For those who were patient enough to wait till the end of credits of Fast and Furious 5, there was a scene where Monica Fuentes (Eva Mendes) shows to Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) some pictures of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) who supposedly died in Fast and Furious 4 but appears to be alive. This small scene ignites the entire plot of Fast and Furious 6. All the members of gang are scattered around the world hiding both from justice and criminals. It’s not so easy for Hobbs to discover where Dominic Toretto hides, however he believes that Toretto helps him to catch another dangerous gang he chasing for the years. All he needs to succeed is supremacy on the streets and Torreto’s gang may be the key for success. In exchange for the successful job Hobbs proposes clearing the records for Toretto and his team, which means a long-awaited freedom for them. Another prize is more personal - Letty, a Dominic’s ex-lover seems to be the dangerous gang head’s second self.
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