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2013 May 24, Add new Source


English  |  Animation & Cartoons
3D animated adventure begins in 2013, created by two true masters of the genre an Ice Age inceptor Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha, the creator of colorful world of Rio. The story of the Epic begins when a teenager finds himself trapped in weird forest inhabited by strange creatures and minions. She has to cooperate with band of rag-tag creations to resist the evil forces personalized by Nim Galuu (voice of Steven Tyler) and Mandrake (voice of Johnny Knoxville)which are led by Queen Tara (Beyoncé Knowles). The forces of good will are represented by Mary Katherine (Amanda Seyfried), Nod (Josh Hutcherson) and Ronin (Colin Farrell). In the magic forest the group of rebellions must learn how to survive and save the worlds both magic and real. Epic is scheduled to release in 24th May, 2013. At its inception it was supposed that the movie will be named The Leaf Men, by the name of the book The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs, written by William Joyce, on which Epic’s storyline is generally based. However, after it became known that Wedge and Saldanha will take a part in the movie creation, Blue Sky Studios renamed the film and passed the distribution rights to 20th Century Fox.
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