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2013 Nov 01, Add new Source

Ender’s Game

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The most anticipated adaptation of 2013 Ender’s Game is loosely based on the same name book, that was probably the most iconic sci-fi novel in mid of 80s. Its author, Orson Scott Card has had many chances during 80s and 90s to make a movie after his book as the astronomically budgeted Hollywood movie. However he has kept his creative rights till 2000, when he finally decided to film the bestseller with the co-founding the Fresco Pictures to make a movie and write a screenplay himself. The action of Ender’s Game unfolds in the distant future when Earth is invaded by myriads of Formics, an aggressive alien race also known as Buggers for their insects-alike appearance. The humanity is on the verge of distinction when the Strategist of the Earth takes a historical decision – to search a potentially talented child to train him as Great War Commander using the sophisticated space battle simulators. After a severe screening, they found Ender, a promising boy who shows the astonishing results on battle simulators. While his training is in progress it becomes absolutely clear that Ender is a last hope of human race to survive. His mentors decide to accelerate his learning by promoting him to Command School where he trains using state-of-the-art simulators that create an illusion of real space battle. Meanwhile, Ender’s psychentonia makes him on the verge of nervous breakdown when he decides to fail his last exam: facing enemy’s superior forces leaving no chances to win, he leads his spaceships to imminent death hoping that at least one could reach the planet to launch the MD, a devices that destructs all the object with positive mass around. That means a total annihilation of both human's and alien’s spaceships and the planet in addition. Upon the “success” he surprisingly gets an ovation from his examiners: all his simulators’ games were real space battles since he entered the Command School, and the last battle was the real Last Battle of International Forces against the Aliens where Earthlings have won thanks to Ender’s brilliant strategy. Asa Butterfield stars in Ender’s Game as main character Ender Wiggin. His filmography includes Hugo (as Hugo Cabret), Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang (as Norman Green) and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (as Bruno). Harrison Ford (Apocalypse Now, Star Wars franchise, Witness) plays as Colonel Graff, Ender’s mentor.
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