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2012 Sep 28, Add new Source

End of Watch

English  |  Crime & Thriller
High level of realism and plausible scenes of true life of the street gangs and the cops being in state of permanent war with each other are the bold line that is piercing the dramatic plot of End of Watch. The story about friendship between two police officers Taylor and Zavala. Officer Taylor is portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal, whose identity has not necessarily to introduce. Everybody is familiar with him performing the leading roles in Source Code, Love and Other Drugs and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Officer Zavala is played by Michael Peña, who may be less know to the mass audience, but you could distinctly remember him playing the second plan roles in such movies as The Lincoln Lawyer (Jesus Martinez), Tower Heist (Enrique Dev’Reaux) and 30:Minutes or Less (Chango). Although it’s pertinent to say here that Michael was participating in some serious projects at the moment when End of Watch are coming the big screens: Tom Gianas’s and Ross Shuman’s animated comedy Hell & Back, David Soren’s Turbo (animated, too) and biographical Chavez by Diego Luna. Going back to the movie storyline: both the plot and filming present the outlandish combination of frightening realism (all the footage was made by the handheld HD cameras and the street surveillance cameras) with courage of two brave cops patrolling the most dangerous places of the city.
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