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2013 Aug 09, Add new Source


English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Imagine the world divided on two societies: the richest one living on the luxurious orbital station located at the Lagrange Point 1 between Earth and Moon; and the rest of the human population living their worthless lives on the overpopulated and extremely polluted Earth. The space habitat called Elysium has state-of-art medical technologies that could save billions of live on Earth, but they serves to extend the lives of richest ones who live on Stanford torus: an Earth-gravity equipped hollow doughnut stuffed with enormously expensive houses, pools and golf courses. At this time, inhabitants of the planet Earth, have struggling for their lives, surviving the corruption, banditry and poverty without a ray of hope for a better life. But there is the man on the Earth who has his own mission to save his life. The only thing he needs is to get into Elysium and restore the justice. The destiny of both of the world now depends of his fight with Elysium’s mayor Secretary Jessica Delacourt. His name is Max Da Costa. Elysium’s director Neill Blomkamp managed to gather a brilliant ensemble cast to turn an ordinary sci-fi movie to an extraordinary one: Matt Damon (True Grit, Invictus, The Informant!) stars as Max Da Costa, while Jodie Foster (Carnage, The Brave One, Panic Room) acts as main antagonist Jessica Delacourt.
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