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2011 Feb 25, Add new Source

Drive Angry 3D

English  |  Action & Adventure
Nicholas Cage proves his special gift for keeping the paychecks coming, teaming up with the director of My Bloody Valentine for Drive Angry 3D, due in theaters early in February, 2011. The promotional materials seem a little ambivalent or ambiguous about the film’s supernatural element: Cage supposedly has escaped from Hell to avenge his daughter’s murder and rescue his infant grand-daughter from sacrifice at the hands of a devil-worshipping cult. Of course, “The Accountant,” one of Satan’s executive demons, pursues Cage as he drives angrily across a hostile landscape in hot pursuit of bad guys and redemption. Many of the synopses omit the demonic content, perhaps because it has very little impact on the characters, situations, or plot. Three classic American muscle cars actually star in Drive Angry 3D, exuding at least as much sex appeal as Charlotte Ross, who delivers a soon-to-be-legendary sex-and-violence vignette between Cage’s angry driving sequences. What’s not to love about a 1964 Buick Riviera, a 1969 Dodge Charger, and a 1971 Chevy Malibu all muscled-up and chromed for the occasion? Regardless of critics’ and audiences’ reaction to Drive Angry 3D, film historians may use the film as compelling evidence in support of their argument 3D definitely makes a film’s imagery more vivid but does not automatically improve its content or redeem it as a work of art.
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