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2012 Sep 21, Add new Source


English  |  Action & Adventure
After a Nuclear Apocalypse, the Earth lies in the ruins. Its major territory turned into radioactive desert inhabited by dangerous tribes of mutants. The only “civilized” live could be found in so-called Mega-Cities, where the rest of the humanity tries to survive in massacre fighting with each other for resources, money and drugs. Violent crime wars have achieved their apogee, when the new drug named SLO-MO was invented. This new dope heavily alters reality slowing everything around you in ten times. After taking a doze you can even notice slow motion of particles of smoke vibrating in the fume of your cigar. This happens because your mind and perception accelerates and runs in ten times faster making everything in front of you moving slowly, that’s why the stuff was named SLO-MO. The woman standing behind the invention and distributing the drug, Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) is going to take control over the entire Mega-City One making the whole its population addicted to her new invention. In this near the state of war situation, two cops (or how they are called in future, Judges) one veteran Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) and one newbie Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) tries to stop Ma-Ma before her dream to gain the control over the city population will come true. In post-apocalyptic future, where traditional principles of judgment are forceless, Judges are endowed with the power to capture, arrest, judge and execute any criminal they encounter. Sometimes all these actions take no more than a second between arrest and execution.
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