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2012 Dec 25, Add new Source

Django Unchained

English  |  War & Western
You have probably noticed the fact that Quentin Tarantino is trying to make movies of each and every possible genre with some of manic persistence. Let’s see: we have already seen his crime-thriller masterpiece, two martial arts movies, one epic war film, one grindhouse-massacre zombiefilm , and now we have a western, named Django Unchained. To say exactly, Django Unchained is a western only in general meaning of this word. The movie depicts the period of distempers of pre-civil war America, where slavery is still in law in South. The storyline of Django Unchained revolves around the ex-slave Django, who manages to escape his villain proprietor just to find himself in slavery of German-born bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz. His new master promises to grant a freedom to Django, if he helps him to find and capture murderous Brittle brothers. After successful assassination of outlaws Dr. Schultz keeps his promise and frees Django, who seems to like Schultz’s style of life and decides to stay with him in hunting the villains. Nevertheless these adventures do not interfere with Django main mission: to find and free his wife Broomhilda, which is slaved by Calvin Candie an malicious” Candyland” plantation owner, who is having fun forcing his slaves to fight each other as gladiators on the arena. Besides a twisted plot, the movie features some stellar cast: Leonardo DiCaprio as the main antagonist Calvin Candie, Samuel L. Jackson as his trusted house slave, Kerry Washington as Django’s wife Broomhilda, Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz and Jamie Foxx as Django.
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