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2012 Feb 01, Add new Source


English  |  Drama
You may know nothing about a system of high education in United States, but most likely you know those substitute teachers roaming from school to school. No responsibility. No engagement. No motivation. This way we see Adrien Brody as Henry, a reticent young man trying to hide his personality, while staying seemingly open to people surrounding him. Everything changes in one time when he meets three women: a young teacher (Christina Hendricks), a girl from the past (Betty Kaye) and a homeless prostitute (Sami Gayle). A hidden world of true emotions reveals in Henry’s heart, and suddenly he decides to change his life forever. Another one assignment turns out to be the crucial point of his life – a detachment from the previous state of mind. A little bit depressive, but at the same time optimistic drama about a man trying to find a kind of harmony in cruelty of the everyday being and the beauty of the inner world. The movie is highly recommended for those who love Brody’s playing and watch every movie participating the serious Film Festivals like: Tribeca, Deauville, Tokyo International, Woodstock and São Paulo International.
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