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2012 May 11, Add new Source

Dark Shadows

English  |  Drama
In the year of 2012 the vampiremania occupies the minds of earthlings. Even Johnny Depp could not escape of being vampire in this Tim Burton’s remake of TV show which was popular in sixties. The story of Dark Shadows begins in 1752 where the preamble of the movie takes place. Joshua and Naomi Collins their son Barnabas travels from Liverpool to America in the pursuit to find a new better life, but the family curse overtakes them even on the boat. After the twenty years Barnabas becomes reach and famous in the small city of Collinsport and the master of Collinwood Manor. Acting like some sort of local Casanova he breaks the heart of one witch, Angelique Bouchard. There were two issues with this case: the first, she was the real witch and, and the second, it was a fatal mistake of Barnabas. Her reaction was lightning fast and literally inescapable: she turns him in the vampire and buries him for greater certainty. But after 200 years due to some accident he frees from the grave and tries to return to a normal life. But a normal life does not exist in 1972, anymore. Barnabas realizes it after visiting the ruins of former Collinwood Manor, now occupied by his dysfunctional descendants. There the story of Dark Shadows begins.
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