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2011 Sep 30, Add new Source


English  |  Drama
Being a father means accepting the responsibility involved with parenthood. Men take their job of fatherhood as seriously as women do (when entering motherhood), and they thrive on it. It’s what we have been put on this earth for. But while being a great Dad is important, each man must decide how to go about accomplishing that very important virtue. Some do better than others, some fail and even drop out of the challenge. Those who are courageous enough to stick around are rewarded by seeing their child grow up to be a responsible adult, and become a parent themselves. Courageous involves four fathers who happen to be police officers. Each in a different stage of fatherhood, he must decide how best to be a parent and he learns what it means to be a great father. Presented by the Sherwood Baptist Church, and done on a tiny budget (just over one million dollars), this film is spiritual and realistic. Starring Alex Kendrick (associate pastor at Sherwood Baptist), Ken Bevel (Marine Corps officer), Ben Davies, and Kevin Downes.
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