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2011 Sep 09, Add new Source


English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
The latest thriller from Academy Award winning director, Steven Soderbergh is Contagion. A film about a rapidly moving epidemic that is spreading world wide and can travel as fast as a jet airplane because those who have been contaminated are on board. With the assistance and advisement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plus some scientific advisors on board the crew this is one scary premise that could almost actually happen with the right sets of circumstances. Written by Scott Z Burns (The Bourne Ultimatum) and ably directed by Soderbergh (Traffic, Erin Brockovich) Contagion takes viewers to Hong King, the UK, Switzerland, Japan, Dubai, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Chicago as the danger spreads, demonstrating how dangerous an outbreak of a deadly disease could actually be. Big name cast includes Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting, The Bourne series) as Thomas Emhoff, Kate Winslet (All The King’s Men, The Holiday) portrays Dr. Erin Mears, Gwyneth Paltrow (Country Strong, Iron Man 2) is Beth Emhoff, and Laurence Fishburne (Predators, Armored) is Dr. Ellis Cheever. Doctors work together in hopes of stopping the Contagion before it spreads around the globe.
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