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2012 Apr 20, Add new Source


English  |  History & Documentary
When Alastair Fothergill and his co-director Mark Linfield began the project that became Chimpanzee the movie over three years ago it was to document the life of these highly intelligent mammals and give the world a look into the lives of these highly social creatures. Filmed in the Ivory Coast as well as Uganda’s tropical jungles, Chimpanzee will give us an inside view and better understanding of how they survive in a world that is constantly shrinking. While Chimpanzee is considered a documentary turned movie it displays these extremely intelligent creatures as high functioning and very sociable with a family hierarchy not unlike humans themselves. This member of the great ape family is fascinating to watch as they interact with family members and make decisions that will affect their entire clan. Chimpanzee is a movie that is full of action and romance as well as the conflict brought on by overcrowding and jealousy. Sounds like a modern day film about someone we know? Perhaps.
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