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2012 Oct 18, Add new Source

Caroline and Jackie

English  |  Drama
Caroline and Jackie, directed by Adam Christian Clark showcases us a horrific scenario of one-evening dinner with unexpected quests. The movie centers on two sisters, Caroline and Jackie who seems to be the lovely siblings, but from the very first minute we are to understand that something is wrong with their relationships. First of all, Caroline unexpectedly visits Jackie at her home and invites sister and her friends to the restaurant party despite the fact that Jackie was cooking al the day to have a great dinner with her friends. As Jackie agrees to accept Caroline’s invitation she learns that this improvised surprise party was arranged by Caroline to celebrate Jackie’s birthday, which passed two months ago. A ridiculous dinner turns to totally boring nightmare as quests gradually immerse into sisters uneasy relations hearing Caroline jibes addressed to Jackie As everybody feels that dinner is broken they finish the dishes hastily and moves to Jackie’s house. However, if you suppose that Caroline is the “bad guy” in among the siblings, it means that you dramatically underestimate Jackie’s nature. And this is not the end, as the action unfolds it becomes absolutely clear that their friends, both Caroline’s and Jackie’s are complete ass-holes as well. It’s hard to say why Adam Christian Clark so carefully and accurately filmed such a bunch of deranged characters, but nevertheless he made it masterfully.
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