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2011 Jul 22, Add new Source

Captain America: The First Avenger

English  |  Action & Adventure
Captain America: The First Avenger will not be just another one of those “ripped from the comics” movies that have become a 2011 Hollywood staple. No way. Captain America himself looks remarkably fit for a super-hero who celebrated his seventieth birthday in 2011, and his box office prospects are remarkably sanguine, too. For all those years, Captain America consistently has ranked well-up the list of popular comic characters. Maybe not the sexiest man alive, but a perpetual contender, and always the consummate patriot. Therefore, producers, writers, directors, actors, cinematographers, all the grips, and even the craft services crew understand they have their hands full as they make Captain America: The First Avenger. Their main character is, after all, revered as the United States’ bravest, noblest, most-selfless, and greatest hundred-and-one percent hero…ever. Captain America: The First Avenger tells the story from the beginning. Our hero, Steve Rogers, is rejected for service in World War II—very highly motivated but sadly unfit physically. Determined to serve, Rogers volunteers for “Project: Rebirth,” a super-secret project that gives him the ultimate make-over, making him a super-soldier. The brass dub him “Captain America” upon his completion of training. Teaming-up with intrepid sidekick Bucky Barnes, “The First Avenger” kicks some serious Nazi butt as he fights “Red Skull,” director of advanced weaponry for the Reich. Well-funded, well cast, well-scripted, Captain America: The First Avenger promises to kick some serious box office butt in the summer of 2011, putting all those other comic movies to shame.
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