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2012 May 18, Add new Source


English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Based upon the popular Hasbro game with the same name, Battleship is a movie filmed at the Hawaiian islands Oahu and Maui so expect some fabulous scenery! Also filming in Sherman Oaks, California and Baton Rouge, Louisiana the film depicts some really intense battle footage when aliens take potshots at the US Naval Fleet in the Pacific Ocean. “The Regents” are evidently part of an alien race that has descended here to use the ocean to build their own power source when they come into contact with our fleet of navy vessels. The story gives us a perspective from both sides so we not only can see where our troops have placed their ships but also can view the locale of those alien ships, just like the Hasbro game. With the assistance of the Science and Entertainment Exchange we can expect some realistic footage and logistics. Starring Taylor Kitsch (Snakes on a Plane, The Bang-Bang Club) as Alex Hooper, Liam Neeson (Schindler’s List, Rob Roy) as Admiral Shane, and Alexander Skarsgard (Trust Me, 13) a Stone Harper and directed by Peter Berg (director of Virtuality, Hancock also as actor in Chicago Hope and Entourage).
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