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2012 Jun 01, Add new Source

Battlefield America

English  |  Music
Filmed by Chris Stokes with quite moderate even for musical budget of 15.000.000 USD, Battlefield America tells us a story about the hopeless pre-teens that were turned into the professional dance team by the young entrepreneur. You may be familiar with Chris Stokes’ "You Got Served", and that means you know what to expect from this movie, because they have lots of similarities both in filming style and in energy of performance. The movie also features many new faces (which is not surprising, taking into consideration the limited budget). Among newbies we have Christian Ijin Link, Camren Bicondova, Chris Trousdale, Christopher Jones, Zach Belandres, Kida Burns and Tristen M. Carter. The rest of the cast may be known to you. Lynn Whitfield which is playing Mrs. Parker is a co-producer of The Redemption of a Dog, and actress played Glenda Hill in 2008 year movie “The Women”. Another more-or-less known actor is Marques Houston who played Elgin in the abovementioned "You Got Served". It worth to mention another member of the cast - Valarie Pettiford filmed in Battlefield America as Ms. Williams. You can remember this talented actress as Aunt Geneva from Jumping the Broom. The critics weren’t unanimous in their receptions of this movie, but if you like such movies as Footloose, Step Up and Step Up: Revolution you’ll distinctively enjoy Battlefield America (and we have to say that your chances are seriously rising up if you are the big fan of Glee, too.)
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