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2015 Apr 19, Add new Source

Ballet 422

English  |  Drama
Ballet 422 is a 2015 documentary by cinematographer and documentarian Jody Lee Lipes, and offers viewers a rare look behind the curtain of the professional world of ballet. The film follows Justin Peck, the 25-year-old choreographer of the New York City Ballet as he strives to create the ballet company’s 422nd original piece while also balancing other professional commitments in the ballet world. This film offers an intimate look at Peck’s creative process, and has been well received by critics. Not only does the movie provide startling insight into the process that brings an idea from its inception into realization as a ballet show, but it also highlights the commonplace workaday atmosphere that pervades life behind-the-scenes in an industry which is usually enshrouded in glamour. This piece is a must-see for anyone who is thinking of becoming a professional in the ballet world, or for any passionate ballet enthusiast who wants to learn more about what goes on behind the curtain.
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