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2012 Oct 12, Add new Source


English  |  Biography
Are the phrases “Canadian Caper” and “Iranian Hostage Crises” sound familiar to you? If no, there is short excursion into the history. In 1979 the Iranian revolution escalates at new level. Angry crowds storm the embassies of the western countries in Tehran. Sixty six Americans were caught as hostages and were held for more than 400 days. However six US Diplomats managed to escape the fate of "victims of terrorism and anarchy" as per words of President Carter. Those lucky ones managed to find a shelter in Canada Ambassador’s home. Realizing, that finding and killing all of them is only a question of time, CIA requests Antonio J. Mendez to design and implement an unbelievable rescue plan to bring those six Diplomats back home. The years after Antonio J. Mendez, a former CIA technical operations officer, writes a book lifting a curtain off this covert operation. And 33 years later after the “Iranian Hostage Crises” Ben Affleck releases his own movie, Argo, which he direct, co-produce (alongside with George Clooney) and where he plays the leading role, CIA Special Agent, Tony Mendez. As we can see, Ben hasn’t look far for searching the appropriate actor for the main protagonist role, choosing himself for playing most toughest guy. Nevertheless, the other cast members were selected brilliantly: Bryan Cranston (Rock of Ages, Red Tails), John Goodman (Red State, The Artis and, funny fact, Sullivan Truck from Cars) and Taylor Schilling (The Lucky One, Mercy).
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