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2012 Nov 09, Add new Source

Anna Karenina

English  |  Drama
It doesn’t even matter if you’ve ever read the novel written by the greatest Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy, or, maybe, you doesn’t even heard about Anna Karenina (what is unlikely.) Anyway, this awesome story deserves to be laid on film tape more and more times. And for those, who plans to get an Oscar in this year there are no better way to do it than to make a movie using the unparalleled Tolstoy’s masterpiece. The whole plot of the novel has been left intact: the action unfolds in the 19th century Russia, where the social elite have its own rules and traditions, and where adultery is counting as the worst sin ever. In those classy times, the story follows a young woman Anna (Keira Knightley), who is happily married to top-echelon officer Alexei Karenin (Jude Law). She unexpectedly meets the man of her dreams, Count Vronsky (Aaron Johnson) and falls in love with him. Their mutual romantic relationship leads the cinematic adaptation’s plot to the predictable dramatic end, where a train plays a crucial and a final role.
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