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2012 Apr 06, Add new Source

American Pie Reunion

English  |  Comedy & Humor
The original movie, titled American Pie was an enormous and surprise hit back in 1999 and as usual, brought on a sequel, then another, then another! Now we find the American Reunion to be the forth in a successful franchise of movies that revolve around a high school group of friends and lovers. The reunion refers to their 10th high school reunion and for those of us who actually attended our high school reunions it means a time to pleasantly look back and also a time to laugh at some of the results that the ravages of time have bestowed on a few who seemed destined for greatness back ten or twenty years ago. East Great Falls High School is the scene of the class of 1999’s tenth reunion. Of course it will be 2012 before the film shows up in theaters but never mind the time discrepancy because it really doesn’t matter much. Each member of this group of young adults now has actual lives, families, and commitments they never thought they’d have when still in school. All of the original cast members have returned including Jason Biggs, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Alyson Hannigan, Seann William Scott, Chris Klein, and Eddie Kaye Thomas. Most of them bring along a significant other to show off and discuss their careers, families, and compare their success. Typical (and boring) high school reunion conversations.
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