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2012 Oct 19, Add new Source

Alex Cross

English  |  Crime & Thriller
Alex Cross, which was previously named «I, Alex Cross» on early development stage, was renamed lately by the distributional company Summit Entertainment , due to the marketing reasons. The movie follows the steps of police detective Alex Cross as he chases a serial killer, who murdered Alex’s pregnant wife. This cold-blooded murder was committed as revenge. Just before his wife was killed Alex takes the wind out of the serial killer's sails while he planned another contract killing. The assassination was failed and the murderer in a fit of rage commits a vengeance by killing Alex most loved one. After these the hitman hides and waits for Alex next move. His masterplane is to evade Cross and put him on the edge, between his lust for revenge and ethical principles. However, as Alex Cross gets close to the murderer, it becomes clear that the unbelievable evidences point on everything-changing revelation. Besides the twisted plot, the movie features quite a peculiar cast ensemble: Dr. Alex Cross is portrayed by Tyler Perry, you may recognize him as Madea, if you are quite insightful; while the main antagonist Michael "The Butcher" Sullivan/"Picasso" is played by Matthew Fox, who may be familiar to you by his roles in such movies as Vantage Point as Kent Taylor and We Are Marshall as Red Dawson.
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