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2012 Jan 27, Add new Source

Albert Nobbs

English  |  Drama
In an age where women are considered second class citizens and not allowed to hold jobs of any value, Albert Nobbs finds work as a butler in a posh Dublin hotel. Nobbs however just happens to be a woman who sees the opportunity to make a living even though it is discouraged in Ireland in the 19th century. This works fine until she falls for a handsome man and wants to escape from the lies she has lived with. Glenn Close first fell in love with the Albert Nobbs character and played the part back in 1982 in an off Broadway play. She purchased the rights and began working to make this highly entertaining film. Cross dressing is something that has always been controversial and remains in use today even by mothers in Afghanistan who dress their young daughters up to appear like boys so they won’t be harassed in public. Close loved the story idea of a middle aged woman turned man in order to be independent, thus proving the woman in Nobbs is actually the one who is strong and capable. Glenn Close (The World According To Garp, Air Force One) is Albert Nobbs, Jonathan Rhys Meyers (From Paris With Love, Shelter) is Viscount Yarrell, and Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1) is Dr. Holloran.
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