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2012 Feb 17, Add new Source

Act of Valor

English  |  War & Western
The Navy has their SEALS and the SWCC and we all can sleep much better each night with the knowledge that these people are on the job, protecting us all. Their story deserves a lot of credit and exposure even though they operate best while deploying rather secretive methods. The 2012 movie titled Act of Valor attempts to show how these real to life heroes go about doing their jobs through a series of real life events. Expect to see some combat footage that is as close to the real thing as possible as well as plenty of emotion and top quality adventure because a lot went into the making of this fine film. A CIA operative is kidnapped and leads to discovery that a terrorist plot with deadly intentions is about to turn our organized world in chaos. The men of the Bandito Platoon are no ordinary men but rather part of the elite Naval group called SEALS. In order to save many lives these military heroes will make it their mission in life to circumvent any an all attempts to attack their country and fellow countrymen. The SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant craft Crewmen) provide support via water craft and work closely with the Navy SEALS to help keep our country safe and that’s exactly what we need in these scary days after November 11, 2001.
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