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2012 Jun 22, Add new Source

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

English  |  Sci-Fi & Fantasy
When the biography of Abraham Lincoln, Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is found, it was discovered to be based upon secret diaries old Abe kept himself. Soon the rumors began to fly surrounding our 16th President. Henry Surges penned the bio based on some of the writings found in Abe’s diaries and the story came to life. Abe learned about vampires from his father, Thomas Lincoln back when he was eleven years old and so believed them to be real. Apparently, according to Thomas Lincoln, Abe’s grandfather, also named Abraham, was killed by vampires back in 1786 and that his grandmother died as a result of an infusion of vampire’s blood. This was all a result of revenge over unpaid debts incurred by grandpa Thomas. This is a “tongue in cheek” movie at best and does contain some historic incidence but mostly is played as a “what if” and is fun! Starring Benjamin Walker (Flags of our Fathers, Unconscious) as Abe Lincoln in the years before the Civil War. He travels down to New Orleans on the Mississippi River by flatboat with plans to sell goods and encounters a slave auction which affects him deeply. Following a slave buyer Abe discovers the buyer to be a vampire who is buying slaves for food and not for resale. Fiction but nun the less a very fascinating look at history as it might have been!
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