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2013 Feb 14, Add new Source

A Good Day to Die Hard

English  |  Action & Adventure
A Good Day to Die Hard is the fifth installation of Die Hard franchise with Bruce Willis in leading role. The movie revolves around McClane’s son who finds himself in troubles in Russia and his father who immediately hits the road to rescue the son from these troubles. But, as it happens, these troubles are just a top of the iceberg, the main troubles are ahead. When McClane steps on the Russia ground he realizes that it was the twisted plot implemented by Russian terrorists to get him caught upon the arrival. However, the situation is not so simple. Russian special forces are standing behind this turmoil have their own plans and McClane’s capturing is just a part of these plans. This part, however turns to be unexpectedly hard one… which mean that explosions, endless alternating of action scenes, shotgun fire, detonating buildings and agonizing bad guys (all that stuff that we like so much in Die Hard franchise) are just a question of time. May be the plot is too classic and happy end is too predictable as well, but this is some kind of proven formula that works too good to be replaced with something else. Another “sweet” thing in the movie is Russian antagonist: Irina, a role performed by Juliya Snigir. And, if you wonder why this thing “sweet”, you seem to be clueless who Juliya Snigir is – if so, just google her in Google Images with “Safe mode Off” – to learn what it does it mean.
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