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2013 Jan 04, Add new Source

A Dark Truth

English  |  Crime & Thriller
If the environmental issues are close to your heart, then A Dark Truth is the right movie for you. There is no big budget, nor large studio behind the film, but if you think that A Dark Truth is all about tedious scenes of dying rare animals you are seriously wrong. The movie is full of action, awesome actor and actress and it’s filmed Damian Lee, the man behind such of masterpieces as Sacrifice, King of Sorrow, One Eyed King and Agent Red. The assembly cast includes Kevin Durand (Resident Evil: Retribution, Cosmopolis, Real Steel, I Am Number Four) as Tor, Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives, Frontera, Crazy Kind of Love Married and Cheating) as Mia Francis, Kim Coates (Robosapien: Rebooted, By Virtue Fall, Ferocious, Sons of Anarchy) as Bruce Swinton, Forest Whitaker (Out of the Furnace, Pawn, Vipaka, Powder Blue) as Francisco Francis, Andy Garcia (Middleton, What About Love, Open Road) as Jack Begosian , Deborah Kara Unger (Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, The Samaritan, 186 Dollars to Freedom) as Morgan Swinton and Steven Bauer (On Painted Wings, The Sleeper, The Lookalike, Awakened) as Tony Green.
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