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2011 Jun 24, Add new Source

A Better Life

English  |  Drama
Mexican gardener Carlos Riquelme doesn’t ask much from life, just to keep on taking care of the yards of Los Angeles wealthy property owners and to see that his son Luis is able to realize the American Dream which will be much better than he has had himself. Demián Bichir portrays Carlos the gardener as a 40 year old Mexican national who attempts to capture the better life through a business deal that turns sour as the opportunity is stolen from him, turning his calm life into chaos. He works hard to keep his son away from the influence of gangs and out of the clutches of immigration officials as he tries to eke a living out of his trade in a town expensive to live in. Demián Bichir (Weeds, The Runway) as the gardener Carlos has talent to spare and well suited for this role as a determined and caring father who tries to keep his son from the evil found on the streets of LA. José Julián is Luis Riquelme, the young and impressionable son of Carlos who is torn between love for his father and the need to follow his friends. Fine casting and writing make this one to see.
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