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2012 Aug 23, Add new Source


English  |  Home & Garden
Those of us who appreciate being scared out of our skin by creepy movies will definitely love 7500! When two couples take a trip to Japan together they find more than they wanted on flight 7500. The Vista Pacific airliner, piloted by actor Johnathan Schaech (TV’s CSI: Miami, Drop Dead Diva) as well as the passengers meet up with supernatural forces while on the flight across the pacific ocean. Brad Martin played by Ryan Kwanten (TV’s True Blood, Summerland) and his wife Pia (Amy Smart from TV’s Scrubs, Robot Chicken) are having marital problems and decide to take their best friends along on a trip to Japan aboard flight 7500. Passengers on the flight soon find many disturbing and unusual things happening on board they must decide whether to band together or attempt to look out for themselves in a survival of the fittest scenario. The movie becomes a haunted house that is set on board an airliner high above the ocean, making them all a captive audience. Additional stars include Jamie Chung, Leslie Bibb, and Nicky Whelan, making for an engrossing and scary trip for all, including the audience.
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