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2011 Aug 12, Add new Source

30 Minutes or Less

English  |  Action & Adventure
A comedy caper about bank robbery makes for good and entertaining summer fair at the movies. Thirty Minutes or Less is produced by Ben Stiller and stars Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) as a pizza delivery guy named Nick. Seems Nick is kidnapped while out delivering pizzas, and with a bomb strapped to his chest, forced to rob a bank in a short amount of time. The bumbling duo of bank robbers to be are played by Danny McBride (Due Date, Up In The Air) as Dwayne and Nick Swardson (Bedtime Stories, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan) as Travis. Dwayne puts a contract out on his own father, known as The Major (played by Fred Ward) for his insurance policy. And to pay for the murder for hire, he must come up with a big amount of cash quickly, thus the bank robbery. Delivering pizzas (and robbing banks) can be dangerous work and this story idea is loosely based on an actual Erie, PA bank robbery back in 2003. 30 minutes or less was filmed in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the site of the bank robbery was a vacant bank in Ludington, Michigan.
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