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2013 Aug 02, Add new Source

2 Guns

English  |  Action & Adventure
2 Guns is an adrenaline action crime drama directed by iconic European director and actor Baltasar Kormákur, a man behind such the great movies as White Night Wedding, Contraband and The Deep. The movie follows the adventures of undercover agents, a DEA agent Bobby Trench and a Naval Intelligence Officer, Marcus Stigman. One day they got the order to rob the bank where local drug cartel is laundering money. Upon the stealing of US$50 million they suddenly realize that they just have stole CIA funds, with all the following consequences. Now they have to investigate who has set them up, and have to work together to save their lives and find the way to return the money. Baltasar Kormákur has considered Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn for the main roles but finally choose Denzel Washington (Flight, Safe House, Unstoppable and The Book of Eli) for the role of DEA agent Bobby Trench, while Mark Wahlberg (Pain & Gain, Broken City, Ted and Contraband) was chosen to star as Naval Intelligence Officer Marcus Stigman.
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