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2011 Nov 11, Add new Source


English  |  Horror & Suspense
Ever look at the clock and it reflects the time as 11:11? Well that happens quite often to many of us and it gets kinda spooky when you know about the 11 gates supposedly of Heaven and how those gates will open up on exactly 11:11:11, that is November 11th, in 2011. That date is fast approaching us and who is to say that it won’t be a catastrophic day for each of us? From the director of Saw 2 and 3 and also Saw 4 as well as another scary one, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Darren Lynn Bousman who manages to put us on the edge of our theater seats and keep us there throughout each film, 11-11-11 is about a famous author Joseph Crone who heads to Spain after the tragically devistating death of his wife and child where he is reunited with his father, Richard and brother Samuel. Elevens seem to plague him and he learns that the date 11:11:11 has special and horrific importance to him. Call it a coincidence or call it a WARNING! Stars Michael Landes (Burlesque, Possession) and Wendy Glenn (TV series Human Target and Melrose Place).
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