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Fifty years ago, Wheaton College began broadcasting on a tiny little radio station that, on a clear night, might stretch its puny little signal all the way across three Northern Illinois counties. Sometimes, the folks all the way over in Mundelein could pick-up the news, sports and weather on WETN. In the 1950’s, as Wheaton College built a reputation for championship basketball teams, the 250-watt station built a loyal listenership; and, in 1960, when WETN delivered by far the best local coverage of campaign stops by both John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, the little station became a landmark on the dial. The community and local cable services continue their whole-hearted support of WETN radio and television. In 1996, WETN expanded into television, sending Comcast cable broadcasts of Wheaton College events twenty-four hours a day. A year later, the student-run station began streaming college events over the worldwide web. If it happens anywhere at or around Wheaton College, WETN broadcasts it; and, if you miss the live broadcast, you can catch it on-demand. Consistent with their long and distinguished traditions, WETN radio, television, and webcast focus on excellence even as they guarantee broadcasting opportunities to all students regardless of their majors. Not surprisingly, the stations have earned all the most prestigious technical, programming, and reporting awards.

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