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Inspirational religious television programming is available in a handful of states here in the southern US. With its headquarters in Boonville, Mississippi UBN operates with eight low power transmitters and is available locally on channel 34 (W34DV). Other areas of coverage include Pontotoc, MS and its channel 15 (W15CG), in Adamsville, TN look for UBN channel 18 (W18BL), or Fulton, MS channel 39 (W39CD). And we’re branching out to Rolla, Missouri and Lexington, TN. For the best and most inspirational religious TV in the area look to programming provided by your UBN affiliate. The goal is to provide as much inspiring television as can be found and deliver it to all who will appreciate the format and the content. Look for up to the minute news programming as well as informational and thought provoking viewing aimed at the Christian community that will not be boring or without high values to the viewing audience.

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