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Ukrainian  |  Business & Finance
UBC is the Ukrainian TV channel first specialized on the information and analytical programming for the business community of Ukraine. The channel’s main objective is to provide Ukrainian and foreign entrepreneurs with the relevant information about the real status of all areas of the economy in the country and all over the world. If you want effectively invest in the emerging Ukrainian enterprises and markets, the UBC will show you the right ways and will help you to avoid wrong decisions. The channel provides the comprehensive information and advices about the Ukrainian Taxation System with timely updates. UBC systematically monitors the treads of the Ukrainian economy and follows the most significant steps Ukrainian government takes regulate markets, providing useful analysis of whether these steps were harmful or positive. The channel schedule consists of 85% original programs produced by UBC studio. As the channel claims for its independency, the ruling company guaranties its 100 percent fairness and impartiality of all the content prepared by highly qualified journalists, analysts and experts. The TV channel is available globally via satellites, digital networks and web service as UBC Live.

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