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TRT Cocuk

Turkish  |  Film & Animation
TRT Çocuk (or TRT Cocuk) is a children content dedicated TV channel, the part of TRT (Turkish Radio Television) Corporation, started to broadcast in Oct 24 2008. The channel aims to bring the most diverse entertainment programming for children, then other Turkish television stations. It is also available online as TRT Çocuk Live with the same programming schedule as the both terrestrial and satellite versions. Children TV series on TRT Çocuk are represented by following: Zack Files, The Magic Tree, Lost Medallion and Crazy Friends. There also some challenge programs: Wind Rose, Racer Land, Tel Ali, Fox and Catapults. The channel also provides educational programming and newscasts: Get News and Dream Beyond. The TV station produces its own educational originals: Crazy Friends, Small Hezarfen, Apple Wolf Nam Nam, Traveling Stories, Chicken Tales, Cartoon Maker, Before You, An Art, An Artist, Summer Camp, Little Giant Men, Our Neighborhood, Magnificent Turks, Playful Questions, Abd Kafadarlar and Dream Window. Cartoons series are represented on TRT Çocuk by: Bernard, Arthur, Gerald Tones, Dinosaur Bucket, The Adventures of Mrs. Mallard, The Adventures of Bear Padıngton, Strange Animals, Underwater Journal, Little Penguin Pororo, Pororo Songs, Çufçuflar Land and Cill.

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