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Greek  |  News & Politics
Greek socialists as well as progressives have displayed criticism for Skai TV, calling it neoliberal, conservative, and promoting right wing politics in the way it reports news and how it gives political commentary. Greek conservatives have also gone on to criticize the television station for putting on documentaries of a political nature that portray many Greeks as being lazy, deceitful, and cunning. Skai TV began with dubbing of all content that was in a foreign language rather than making use of subtitles, which is the common and more traditional method. The station finally relented and switched to use of subtitles for nearly all foreign language programs. Skai TV is a part of Skai Group, which is among the largest of all media groups found in Greece. Launched April 1st back in 2006 the Pireus Athens based television station can be found transmitting from a Hot Bird satellite in an encrypted form as well as an over the air analog transmission. Plans are to include digital with ERT as well.

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