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You may not remember—hell, you may not even have been born—when Marshal McLuhan, a reputable, well-respected scholar, declared television “a vast wasteland,” bemoaning its hypnotic powers and its capacity for dummying-down important ideas. He was right, of course; he still is. A trip across the three hundred channels is still a lot like a road trip across North America on the I-70: You discover civilization’s outposts are far fewer and much further between that you ever imagined, and all the rest is vacancy…with road signs. A few of the quirky little roadside attractions are, however, pretty dazzling in their homespun way. For example, try SGTV in Seminole County, Florida. SGTV has just about everything Seminole County except alligator jerky. Naturally, SGTV airs live broadcasts of important government meetings and events, and it features on-demand rebroadcasts of the major policy-making discussions, debates, and votes. Unlike many government stations around the country, though, SGTV offers a full day’s programming everyday—everything from Jazzercise to environmental tips and tactics. For Seminole County visitors, SGTV offers comprehensive information about local landmarks and attractions, and for everyone in the greater Seminole County area, including its major tourist attractions, SGTV offers comprehensive, detailed weather information. Other channels may frustrate or disappoint, but SGTV is a great little outpost in the vast wasteland.

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