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Kurdish  |  News & Politics
Broadcasting in a wide assortment of languages, ROJ TV hopes to reach a wide audience with appealing and interesting programs. The Kurdish satellite TV station uses many dialects from the native language of the area which is Kurdish. Some viewers may well appreciate the Sorani, Hewrami, or Kurmanji style of dialect and there is a bit of the Turkish, Arabic, Persian, and Zaza languages as well. Broadcasting from Denmark with other offices in Belgium, their signals are sent around the world via satellite all day every day. Politics, educational programming, and cultural themes predominate the programming but some children’s programming can also be found to entertain, teach, and amuse those who choose to watch. Saturdays can find news bulletins and the occasional English subtitled films. As you can see the programs presented are there to provide wide viewer appeal and enjoyment as well as serve as a learning channel for those who want to learn more.

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