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German  |  Howto & Style
You know the cliché: The internet empowers even the most hardcore homebody to travel the world in peace and comfort, any time of the day or night, and anywhere you want to go. No fairies or magic carpets required. Any subject, no matter how arcane or esoteric, and any country, no matter how remote or repressive. The worldwide web will whisk you there. Of course, as with all international travel, you do encounter occasional difficulties with language. For example, Medizin-TV, Germany’s dazzling health and wellness channel, broadcasts primarily in German. Watching Medizin-TV, you can learn all about the human body, its systems and functions, its proper care and care for its diseases. Often, you feel as if you are sitting in an advanced medical school seminar—because you are. Arguably the world’s best, most comprehensive source of medical information, Medizin-TV offers lectures and symposia sponsored by the German government and prominent universities, and many of them feature the world’s leading researchers, clinicians, or caregivers. In many cases, the visuals are so clear, engaging, and compelling the language is no barrier. And sometimes, Medizin-TV actually has programming in English.

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