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Arabic  |  News & Politics
company to provide up to the minute news coverage for the residents of Libya. They own and control several TV stations including: Al Madina TV which is an entertainment channel where viewers can find programming designed to entertain and amuse. Movies and game shows may please the many viewers any time of day. LJBC Jamahiriya TV which is the official state run broadcasting organization that is in Libya. There you will find the news being broadcast which is in accordance with the state laws which control Libya media as well as entertainment programming designed to enliven, amuse, and entertain all the viewers. LJBC Radio is an FM radio station broadcasting on 103.4 Mhz and is an official state radio station authorized by the state of Libya. As with all state owned and run broadcasting media the emphasis is placed on information that is approved by the state but provided free of charge to all citizens of Libya for their information and entertainment.

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