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Irving Community Television Network (ICTN) was the proud recipient of six first place as well as three second place awards, putting us as the best for providing government programming in the entire state of Texas (competition included stations in cities far bigger than Irving) for the second year in a row. But we don’t merely sit on our laurels here. We’ll be working toward a third year in a row and that means other honors as well. It’s all about the programming and putting on what the community wants to see. Such shows as “Slappy Time Circus” for the kids informs about circus clowns and has proven very entertaining for all ages. InVision Irving features unique businesses here in Irving. Wish to learn how to make a pizza pie? Or how about learning to ride a motorcycle in the dirt? Or even ballroom dancing? These are each subjects covered on the magazine show called City Source. This program offers information on what’s happening in Irving in the form of a monthly talk show that promises to take viewers behind the scenes and learn about a wide variety of attractions.

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