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Hellenic TV 2

Greek  |  News & Politics
Streamed live on the internet, Hellenic TV 2 offers programming to the Greek speaking audience and got its beginning back in 1982 in London that came from a need to provide coverage in the native tongue of Greeks who appreciated not needing a translation. Based today in Harringey, Hellenic TV 2 began when cable television first arrived in the UK. After eight years of truly hard and devoted work the channel became a reality as the first non-English speaking television channel in the UK to be granted the broadcasting license. Concerts, feature films, and plenty of locally produced and entertaining programming have been appreciated by the Greek speaking audience of loyal followers each evening. Daytime programs include daily transmissions of ERT and RIK. All programming is viewable by any age and is much appreciated for the concert performances that might otherwise be missed. Tony Curry who represents the ITC has commended the programming on Hellenic TV, stating they produce so much for so few people it is amazing.

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